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The Brentford Penguins have been providing weekly training sessions for players with Down’s syndrome since October 2017. During this time all of our coaches have been volunteers and we have been totally self-funded.


There are two ways in which you would help us out; Sponsor a piece of kit for one of our players (details below). If you are able to do this then we will happily add your name on to our website as a token of our appreciation. Secondly you can donate towards keeping our club going via our Brentford Penguins FC Go Fund Me page (please see our donations page).


The original Brentford Penguins football kit we had for the kids unfortunately no longer fit. The kids are growing so fast that we are in desperate need to provide them with new kit so we can look like a cohesive team once again! Once all of the kit for every kit has been sponsored we can then put the order through.


So kindly pick a Penguin, read about them, choose and item(s) and you can look forward to seeing your name on our website.


Once again thank you for all your kindness and support, it makes such a big difference to all their lives.


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